Guests are free to cancel their reservation, if they have any concerns, whatsoever, about travelling to or staying with us. There is no cancellation fee, but we would appreciate being notified at the earliest of any cancellation.

Additionally, you must cancel your reservation if you believe you have been exposed to infection within the two weeks prior to arrival, or are travelling from or through areas where COVID restrictions apply, unless you have been fully immunised following COVID vaccination (typically 10 days after second dose). Under no circumstances can we accept guests who are required to quarantine. 

Regrettably, in the event that we are required to self-isolate, as a result of COVID rules, we will be obliged to cancel your reservation. Should this occur during your stay, we will refund any unused nights (via bank transfer, less any relevant charge back and transaction fees). We will also endeavour to mitigate disruption by suggesting alternatives, but can offer no guarantees.

We endeavour to minimise the risk of infection by:
• Adhering to the UKs COVID guidelines and by being vaccinated.
• Sanitising guest accommodation with disinfectant, in addition to thorough cleaning.
• Washing bed linen and towels at high temperature.
• Washing hands prior to entering guest accommodation to replenish stocks etc.
• Maintaining distance and if appropriate wearing masks when interacting with guests.
• Providing alcohol hand gel.
• Taking PayPal payment in lieu of cash, on arrival. However, if for any reason we are unable to process your online PayPal payment we will require payment in cash.

Guests are also expected to follow COVID guidelines and rules, and in under no circumstances invite third parties on to our premises, as per our terms of service. Finally, guests should arrive provisioned with masks and wear them when appropriate or mandated.

E&OE - Subject to change without notice
Last revised 2 November 2020